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Writing a Scientific Article – Step By Step Guide for Students to Follow

The scientific article is a manuscript that students publish to enhance public awareness. The number of scientific articles published in the name of a researcher greatly affects his career. So, even undergraduate students must know how to write a scientific article. Further, the beginners must also know the purpose of scientific papers.

Purpose Of A Scientific Article With Types

Before starting a comprehensive guide, you must know why you should write a scientific article. According to the dissertation help firm, the scientific articles aim to publish research findings so others can get benefits. Further, in another sense, they can also help you to get other’s work. In both ways, the purpose of writing a scientific article is to spread scientific awareness.

The structure of the scientific article is largely determined by its type. Some scientific articles aim to test the hypothesis by experimental manifestation. While in others, you need to review someone else work to highlight the recent research trends. In the former one, you need to find a connection between the variable. But, in the latter, you can include both critical as well as descriptive forms of writing.

Writing A Scientific Article – Step By Step Guide For Students To Follow

If you are planning to write a scientific article, then below is a step by step guide. Students should follow these steps to open the gates of research for them.

  1. Step 1: Create An Engaging Topic For Your Scientific Article

The journey of scientific article writing starts from making an engaging title. Hence, for making a good scientific article, you should make a rough draft. Later, try to rearrange words to enhance the meaning of your research. Remember, the title of the scientific article must be concise. The ideal length for the article’s title should be between 20-30 words. Sill, in many cases, you can write up to 55 words.

  1. Step 2: Read The Instruction Of The Scientific Journals

In scientific articles, the students have to follow the instructions of the Journals. Through, these instructions vary from Journal to Journal. Further, the students have to choose a well-known journal in their area of research. For this, you can visit journal’s websites. On the website, you will find all necessary information about their demands. Often, it specifies the words limit for each section along with other guidelines.

  1. Step 3: Research Better To Find Effective Keywords

Before writing a scientific article, the best thing is to get command of research. The more your research, the more you will find the specific keywords. So, it will open new gates of research for you.

  1. Step 4: Make An Outline

At first, everyone should start with an outline. So, the next step is to write the main heads. These head with later help you to elaborate your scientific article. Apart from specific heads, you can also write topic sentences under each head. It will further add fluency to your writing.


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  1. Step 5: Use The Outline To Structure Your Scientific Article

The director of cheap essay writing service firm said that your outline will act as a roadmap. The more you follow the roadmap, the more you will get closer to your destination. So, before starting a scientific article, you should find evidence for each topic sentence. Two pieces of evidence will be sufficient to prove the validity of your point. Hence, after following these steps, you will almost complete the research part of your scientific article.

  1. Step 7: Start Writing

Even initially, if you want to maintain coherency in your scientific article, you should research first. First research, then write will remove the several difficulties on its own.  If you have completed your research,  it’s the right time to print your research on paper. You will be only two steps away from completion after stating the outline in clear and concise words.

  1. Step 8: Critically Evaluate The Facts

The second last step in writing a scientific paper is to link your evidence with the topic sentence. For this, you will need more concentration because this is the right place where you can add your analysis. The thin critical analysis has power-enough to ruin all your efforts. So, try to complete this step with full concentration.

  1. Step 10: Proof-Read Your Document

By following above mentioned 9 steps, you will complete your scientific paper. Most students feel so excited to send the articles to the journals. But, stop here. There is one more thing to do- proofreading. Yes, proofreading is the final step of every academic writing task. So, no one should neglect it.