Morals are the rules that govern us what is wrong and what is right. A moral can be a conviction of society as well as individuals. Most TV shows impose a fake moral standard that is really detrimental to human beings. In this argumentative essay, the professional writers of cheap dissertation writing services will discuss how TV shows impose fake moral standards. Basically, TV shows present non-essential materials that are dangerous to the moral standard.

Non –tangible social equipment can be introduced through fake moral standards of commercial entities.  Basically, it is wrong when people judge each other on their superficial bases and ignore the reality and human factors of honesty. In the US, 10 % people make suicide that is the cause of fake TV shows. Unlike the sitcoms of the 1990s, the present-day realism TV faces all sorts of criticism. Indeed, TV shows are not built around family morals and not helpful in order to accent opposition and diseases of society.

The morality of TV is so much lower nowadays, because, the morality of an accumulation viewer has dropped. It is most important that morality show should be presented on the TV.  However, it is not only reality that TV has gone the wrong way and most people think that it is the wrong direction. Popular TV shows such as House of Cards, Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad are the main cause of crime, violence, and tortures. However, most relations values do not petition a collection viewer.

In spite of all, we watch popular TV shows and know that something is wrong on the screen. Too much violence and scandals make us tender and we start watching an ultra-creative series with a warped plot. Most violent and war shows are presented on the TV that is not good for the peace of human beings. Nought is black and white on the present-day TV, because, today’s world is full colourful and every person wants to enjoy his or her life. It can be harmful to the country as well as religious values. It is an attack on moral values.  On the other hand, the behaviour of characters discourages the slightest hint of morality that might come through the plot of the bad dramas, therefore, all disorder TV program should be banned. It is most important that TV should present reality shows that are helpful for human beings in the future.

These shows provide models of family and friends to strive in their life and handle all things with bravery. However, it is the most important question that what archetypes are now portrayed on television for human beings? Instead of positive influence youth are provided with examples that may guide them down a path of destruction. The every-weekend clubbing bar fights is very bad thing in moral society and the promiscuous one-night-stands for negative aspects in the life of people. TV series like “Will “and “Modern Family” has brought a great change in the minds of people.  Basically, reality shows can promote to the hard work in the practical life.

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