It is widely accepted that the empowerment of the women is the key to success of any country. According to the BBC news, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia has announced that now women have great freedom to take part in the political as well as economic activities. It is a great change that will be helpful for Saudi Arabia. Today’s government step is very frontward toward accomplishment. However, most people considered that it is a momentous step that can be changed in the future.

No one knows what will happen in the future, but it is a very straightforward step toward success. Here, the professional writers of cheap essay writing services will discuss the role of government in women development in Saudi Arabia. Actually, this step is very positive and it will be very beneficial for the country. Most well-known counties are appraising the role of government in women development in Saudi Arabia. Actually, women are an essential part of society. Without women progress and development, no country can gain success. Therefore, this bitter truth is realized by the government and they take positive action toward women development.

According to modern research, the United State is most famous due to the progress and hard work of women. The role of women is very imperative in all countries. Therefore, every country should get a positive step toward the development of women role. It is most important that women should be provided equal right as compared to men. A woman is able to gain success in her life. No one denies the rights of women. A woman is a mother, sister, and mother-in-law of any nation. Therefore, it is most imperative that they should be provided with basic rights. Most countries are appreciating the role of the Saudi Arabia government in women development. This is a positive step toward success.

According to the Saudi Arabia King,”Our economy will provide different opportunities to the women. Men and women are equivalent in our society; therefore, they are able to get success in their life. Women should contribute their best in different fields. According to the king, Saudi women are great asserting of their country.  With over the 40 percent of universities adapt, they will develop their talent and will become able to take part in social activities. “

This speech is very remarkable of the Saudi Arabia government, because, in this speech they offer different opportunities to the women in order to develop their skills and gain success in the life. In 2015, women in Saudi Arabia are able to collect their vote. In 2017, women are allowed to go cinemas and take part in social activities. Therefore, we can assert that this is big step of the government toward the success. This is great and positive change of the Saudi Arabia.  Nowadays, women are given employment opportunities in order to gain success in their life. The role of Saudi government is very positive, therefore, they should be appraised at large scale.

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