A biological active organic compound which has a specific molecular configuration with four rings is known as asteroid. According to the writer of coursework writing service, there are two main biological functions of steroids. First of all, these are the most important components of the cell membrane. Secondly, these are also known as signalling molecules. These steroids are not only found in animals but also in the plants and fungi. The core structure of the steroids is composed of the seventeen carbon atoms. There are lots of side effects of using steroids. Some essential side effects of using steroids are an infection, local bleeding and skin discolouration. If we use these steroids with caution, we will be able to get these advantages;

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1. Builds muscle mass

Due to lots of side effects of steroids, it is almost unethical for us to give these steroids to healthy adults. However, scientists are trying to get an idea about the possible benefits of these steroids on admitted users. Recently, scientists have discovered the benefits of using steroids for healthy adults. For them, if healthy adults take these steroids, they will be able to gain muscle mass. The researchers compared the data of 10 steroid users for the purpose of seven subjects. In the end, they conclude that these steroids are helpful for healthy adults to increase the muscle mass, to increase the fibre area and to enhance the performance of the users. It is also found that by taking steroids, not only adults can increase their muscle mass but middle-aged persons are also able to increase their muscle mass.

2. Increase exercise capacity

In research, scientists have discovered that alcoholic asteroids have lots of legitimate medical benefits. They have also discovered that there is a competitive advantage of using alcoholic steroids for athletes. According to the report of Nutrition in Clinical Practice, they have taken 32 people who were facing COPD issues. According to them, the people who are facing COPD issues are not in a better position to take exercise and to take part in other physical activities. They have taken these alcoholic steroids to these COPD patients for consecutive six weeks. After six weeks, they were astounded to know that these patients were in a better position to take exercise and to take part in other physical activities. In other words, we can say that the life quality of these patients was improved.

3. Steroids can save critical body organs

Due to inflammation, there is a possibility that some critical body organs of a person can be damaged. Under such a situation, if a person takes steroids, these steroids can save these body organs of a person. In other words, we can say that these steroids can act as a life saving for a person. For example, due to kidney inflammation, there is a possibility of kidney failure. The possible cures of kidney failure are kidney transplant and kidney dialysis. No doubt, these two types of cure are very expensive and painful for the patients. The possible replacement of kidney transplant or kidney failure is to take the steroids.

4. Steroids can reduce joint inflammation

If a person takes local steroids, he has to face fewer side effects than taking other forms of steroids medications. For example, if a person is facing some joint inflammation issues, these steroids are helpful for him. Its reason is that these steroids can reduce the structure and function of the joints of a person. Moreover, if a person also takes some other kinds of injections, he will have to face some other kinds of side effects.

One can get all of these benefits only when he uses these steroids with caution. On the other hand, if a person fails to use these steroids with caution, he will have to face some health as well as some psychological problems. Some possible health problems of improper use of steroids are that risk of cancer will be increased, due to high blood pressure risk of heart attack will be increased, there may occur some blood vessel diseases, it can damage the liver and the breast size of the women can be decreased.


There are lots of side effects of taking the steroids but according to recent research, if a person takes these steroids with caution, he will be able to gain some benefits. Some essential benefits of taking steroids are that the person who is facing COPD issues can increase their physical activity level, the persons can build muscle mass, they can also save their critical body organs and steroids can also become a cause of reducing the joint inflammation of the patients.

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