Persuasive language is used to convince the reader about some facts and realities. As we know that people don’t accept reality in a simple form. Therefore, writer uses different techniques in order to prove their point of view. Most writers use amazing language and words to write high-quality work. If you are writer and want to write high-quality work then you should adopt 5 persuasive language techniques. I have invested my time in searching 5 best persuasive language techniques to write an essay. Indeed, I have used all these techniques in my writing. Without wasting time, I would like to share 5 persuasive language techniques to write an essay.

Irony and Allusion

The irony is useful persuasive language technique which we can use in writing an essay. The irony is a rhetorical device, literary technique or a situation that states one thing while meaning the exact opposite. For example, a man who is traffic cop gets his license suspended for unpaid parking tickets.  An allusion is another percussive technique that makes a reference to a place, person or something happened. For example, if you are going to identify past things in your essay then you should use it.

Symbolism and Analogy

In the modern era, symbolism is the most famous and useful persuasive technique that we can use to explain the meanings of things. Symbolism is a practice of representing things by means of symbols or of the attributing symbolic meanings or significance to the objects, events, or relationships. Such as rose is the most quoted symbol in the piece of writing. We compare different beautiful things with role. By using all these symbolic techniques we can give deep meaning to our writing and the person who reads will feel attraction form that piece of writing. An analogy is a similarity between such things that are completely different. On the other hand, analogy is the common quality of two things that are opposite to each other. For example, we compare Heaven and Hell and we write that these two places are same. After reading this analogy statement, people will find their deep meanings.

Tone and Conceit

The tone is the implied attitude of a writer toward the subject and character of a work. Tone may be satirical, ironical, comic, and sympathetic and so on. Alexander Pope’s tone is satirical in his famous book “The rape of the lock”.  The writer’s tone is very beneficial and important; therefore, writer should use it very carefully. In the persuasive essay, writer criticizes different issues such as culture, religion and cast.

Conceit is a fanciful image or metaphor that has a linkage with far-fetched ideas about a thing. Writing a dissertation with conceit technique will give high quality to your writing. In these techniques you will compare two things such as two parts of compasses.

Repetition and alliteration

Alliteration is the repetition of a pattern of similar sounds in the line. Most writers use this beautiful and amazing technique in their poems. In other words, these are a poetic term that poet use in their poems. You can see this persuasive language technique in the poem of Milton” the paradise lost”.  The famous lines are “what though the field is lost, all is not lost”. By using all these techniques a writer can convince the reader to focus on his point. You can define your point of view by using this piece of art. For example, if you will repetitive some lines in the same way and method then it will create the feeling of boredom and if you will define these lines with deep meaning then you will able to write high quality essay.

Colloquial Language And Formal Language

The use of formal language in an essay can make different sounds in order to understand an issue. We can make different argument in the formal language. Most people use formal language in emergency situation such as doctor to the patient ration and staff retention rates. On the other hand, a writer uses colloquial language for causal things. However, these are most important and useful language techniques that you can use in your writing. To conclude, I would like to suggest that if you want to become a famous writer and want to achieve your dreams then you should follow all writing styles. If you will follow all these styles then you will able to gain success in life. If you want to get more information about language then you can contact with Dissertation Writings Service.

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