How to Manage Complaint of Students

How to Manage ComplaintIt is an essential skill to know how to handle the complaint of students for department chairperson. In most universities and colleges, the chairperson does not expect to handle the complaints such as sexual harassment or sexual discrimination or racial discrimination. In such situation chairperson in an institute need to forward complains to the diversity officer. The chairperson should ask students to talk with the members of the faculty. Frequently, students do not feel upset to talk to the faculty member, and chairperson of institute needs to handle it. Students are discouraged to use the email option for their complaint because emails are the public record. They prefer to meet students face to face to discuss their complaints. Likewise, chairperson also discourage faculty member to send emails regarding the issues they have with their students.


The consistent, simple and flexible grading policy should be created as like assignment writing services have implemented the policy. Faculty need to make the simple grading procedures. Most students have the complaints relating to their grades. They think that students are graded on the basis of favouritism. Teachers are often seen to give higher grades to the students who are closer to them rather than a student who is actually making an effort. Therefore, the strong policy regarding grading should be established. Faculty members should create the environment in which students feel comfortable talking about their difficulties and concerns instead of approaching to the dean or chair of the university of college.


Faculty members should get to know the students. Ask students to speak with you in your office for any complaint and then try to solve it by taking suggestion from students. The faculty member should explore whether students have any other problem. If problems are clear, then making sure to understand it. While talking about the complaint with students, then a faculty member should be calm and collected. Keep the conversation on a rational level rather than getting emotional. Focus on the relevant fact, because emotional conversation are uncontrollable.
Keep the verbal and written information and discussions confidential.


The faculty members should always try to respond to the student’s complaint seriously in such a manner that respect the confidentiality. The faculty members should make an effort to resolve the issue quickly. The faculty member should listen to the complaints of the students and respond sensitively to any distress. They should encourage students to raise the matter directly to the concerned person. They should also ask students what solution they have already explored in order to resolve matters. Ensure the effective communication.


They can refer the matter to the higher authority if the complaint is of a serious nature. Inform supervisor of the proposed course of action and complaints if appropriate. Faculty members should try to resolve problems as they arise. If students think the teachers and other students degraded them in class as well then teachers should try to make an apology. The apology will make your students restoring equilibrium and feel better with students. You can also talk with students in your office to resolve the issues.

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